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Before You Buy "Its A Miracle~Nature's Oils" (Read This!)

Product Review

It's A Miracle-Nature's Oils

 (Conditioning Hair Growth Formula)

Here's how I used the product at wash time...

After I rinsed the conditioner out, my hair felt somewhat "softer" and "spongy" in a sense.  It was nice to the touch, and after the first touch, I really wanted to touch my hair again.  My eyebrows lifted, and I got a little smile on my face. I was impressed!! I said to myself... "O~Kaaaay! I 'feeeel' you, IT'S A MIRACLE-NATURE'S OIL!" I SEE YOU TOO! ...while looking in the mirror, I noticed my hair had a little "shine" to it.  I thought it was the oils glistening off of my strands.  It was really nice however.  My hair felt really "CLEAN" too. almost like a "squeaky" clean when I stroked my hands across the strands in a motion like I'm pulling it back into a ponytail. Best of all, it DIDN'T leave my hair "oily" feeling.                                                                                                                                                                       

On a scale of 1-10, i'd go with a TEN!

Here's another look at my growth results after only "13" days! Using the It's A Miracle Nature's Oils leave in conditioning, oil spray.  I used NO "hair grease" during this installation of this protective style. I simply sprayed my hair with the It's A Miracle Three times a week, and I also sprayed it in my hair to detangle/comb out, before braiding it. That's it! Check out the video below to see these amazing results! You definitely have to see this to believe it! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

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It's A Miracle-Nature's Oils is GREAT for :
Protection under weave installations
Natural Hair Growth & care
                                      "How to #GrowhairFAST" remedies                                                 Leave-In Conditioning                                         Wash~N~Go Styles                                      Preventing Breakage                                             RestoringThinning Edges (Especially                                                                                                                                           Dr. Daurham's Extreme Growth Formula)   Braid maintenance                     Maximizing your hair's growth potential 

It's A Miracle-Nature's Oils is also being recognized by customers as one of the leading black hair care products on the market today!  Soon enough, It's A Miracle- Nature's Oils will be one of the most highly-rated, Natural hair growth products available at an affordable price. Made from plant extracts, this product is sure to please! I'm sure you're smiling already! Plant extract= GO GREEN!

Special days are coming! This would be a GREAT gift for that special kid in your life who's experimenting with growing their hair!! Or if they may be having issues with growing their hair!
 Use as a "Braid Spray"...

Use for Ponytail Styles...

 Use for "Locks"... 

$30+ $12 shipping & Handling Illinois cust. add $2.47 Mandatory State Tax" Total of $44.47
*Product sold by Independent Distributors,  or by the CASE from the manufacturer Only to I.D's. If you have any questions, email me at

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Dr.Daurham's Extreme Growth Formula Spray  
$ 15.00 + Shp & Han. = 1(One) 8oz. Bottle

Its A Miracle-Natures Oils Or Dr. Daurham's Extreme Growth
$ 30.00 + Shp & Han. = 1 (One) 16oz. Bottle: *current shipping is $8

Dr. Daurham's "Special"
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A: You MUST pay taxes on your income, as per your state!
B: You must be  at least 18 years of age
C: You must Download, and Print the Distributor Enrollment Packet
D: You must Send the completed, Signed, Dated material to Daurham Corporation, with your Money Order (for your first shipment of product)

other Legal Stuff:
~Members must agree not to compete with Daurham Corporation, in any way, including, but not limited to, copying the product formula, creating any type of “copycat” product, or any product even “similar” to the product name, or contents, or claims. (this is copyright infringement, and is punishable by the United States law)
~Salons distributing this product, must service Clients/Type4 (Kinky)
~Members agree NOT to make the product available in Retail “Beauty Supply” Stores,(unless you first request permission from Daurham Corporation and are approved).

***I am Building my TEAM of Distributors who are interested in future investment opportunities with Daurham Corporation, as well. So, If you would like to join us, or get more information on the programs available, send an email to
subject: Investment Distributors Program

I've been in this business now for 11 years...I've done the research, and the marketing on products similar to those that I distribute.  There is a high, and steadily increasing demand, which means "opportunity for investment"=$$$.  Get in, in front of the wave, so that when starts raining your way...It will most definitely "POUR!"

What does eleven years mean to you?
Well, that means: that my business has survived the crucial "Birth-years" (the first 3-5 yrs) and is STILL thriving!

It also means: that YOURS can too!!!  I will teach you ALL that I have learned over the years, and save you the stress!

It means: that I have already "Layed the foundation!"

All that's needed now...Is a STRONG team of "Like-Minded" individuals like yourself, who understand the concept of Network Marketing!(talking to people, basically), 
Lead Generation(Getting the attention of the RIGHT people) & Traffic Generation(sending them to a place where the transaction can take place).  Are YOU with me??  Then, Let's get this

Saturday, September 17, 2011

" 7-inches! " how did I Grow my Hair FAST in 18-months using ( Its A Miracle-Nature s Oil ) Conditioning Growth Spray

It's A Miracle 16oz. Spray Bottle"Before"  It's A Miracle"It's A Miracle & Me Before Relaxer!""It's A Miracle & Me!"AfterRelaxerLength2 C4urSelflengthpicSureFireJamie "Six months" after the Relaxer!Jamie After the Relaxer!jersey dress-2008 Jamie After the Relaxer!
Check out my latest stream above, from BIG CHOP to finally relaxing my hair! Amazing journey!
Click below to purchase NOW online or send an email inquiry to !!!<-- i="">Click to email me right now!
😀 )

Here's another time I used the "Its A Miracle-Nature's Oils" during and install of a Protective style".  It was a simple style, just some cornrows, braided to the back. I used the spray an average of three times a week for just under two weeks. I also washed and conditioned prior, using the It's A Miracle, and sprayed my hair with the product as a "de-tangler" to help make it easier to comb through while styling.
Before finding this product, I would use some type of "hair grease" and maybe add water to my hair to help soften it, enough to comb through it and not break off too much hair in the process.  Now, the It's A Miracle makes my hair really soft and allows the comb to flow through my strands more smoothly.  It's a HUGE difference, and I noticed also, that my hair didn't break off as much, and you don't hear that "staticky" sound that's common with kinky hair.  I could even comb my hair into a ponytail, using ONLY the It's A Miracle! That was also a shocker for me, because normally, I would have to use hair grease, water, AND hair gel, to get my kinky hair to lay down. But now it's Wet hair, It's A Miracle, and a silk head scarf!

Check out my "two-week check-up" video below now...

Now Featuring:

  “Doctor Daurham’s ” Extreme Growth Formula
Stops breakage, & promotes Healthy hair growth!! 

You can now purchase a single unit, (One 8oz. Bottle) 
or and entire CASE! (12~8oz. Bottles) 
Price ranges from $15 - $180 + shipping... 
Become an Independent Distributor, and save $$$ on Cases!  

You can now follow us on Twitter at:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's A Miracle 16oz. Spray Bottle And Dr. Daurham's Extreme Growth Formula, Hair Growth Sprays

Here's a Quick Reference for those who just want order info, you can now order online!!!

Thanks! "DR. DAURHAM'S EXTREME GROWTH FORMULA" spray for just $10!!!

This product is sweeping the nation! And hitting retail store shelves across America! Salon Owners, If you're NOT selling this product, your missing a huge piece of the Retail Market for Natural Hair Care. This is not only a natural hair care product, but it also has a growth formula that makes hair grow like weeds!! I am a hair braider, and I'd like to share with you a story about one of my clients because it was really funny...

So I braided a guys hair one week, one of my regular clients, and did the normal regime of how I tend to his hair, (which mind you I have managed to grow a "whopping" 12+ inches in the last year, using the It's A Miracle-Nature's Oil.) only this time, instead of using the ITS A MIRACLE, I had used the Dr. Daurham's Extreme Growth Formula Spray as a conditioner for his hair while it was in the braids. When he came back for his regular re-braid two weeks later, his comment to me was..."Ma-a-a-annn! What did you do to my hair last time? Man, I had to take my hair down early because it grew out too fast! I don't know what you did, but don't do that again this time, because i'm on a budget, and my braid have to last me at least two weeks!...Man I been wearing a pony-tail for the last four days!"

I thought that was so tickling, because that "IS" the purpose of him getting his hair braided all the time. He wanted to see how long it would grow if he kept it braided every two weeks, only after being made aware of the products I had available, he did allow me to use them in his hair. And he was VERY PLEASED with his results!

You can also become a Distributor if you are seeking additional income, or are an Entrepreneur looking for a great investment product. The manufacturing company has many great incentive programs for their distributors to participate in, and there are also incentives for enrolling NEW distributors!! Anyone interested should send an inquiry email to:


Subj: "Distributor Inquiry"


Please note that this blog, and information provided herein are provided to help consumers make an honest buying decision. No claims are being made on the products being offered for purchase. Each individual will have individual results. Please make all complaints on product use to the manufacturing company (Email:

Check out our store online NOW! Discounts periodically! Check often for deals!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'd Like to know "More" about

"Its A Miracle" nature's oil.
What is it?

It is a natural plant extractive growth formula that yields longer, stronger, healthier hair at unbelievable rates. My customers and clients have been using this product since 2005(when i first began to sell it). And I still sell it(and use it) because it still works!!!

I am an Independent Distributor, ("I.D."). I also am the "Go-to" person for African American Owned Salons and licensed stylists as well, who would like to add this product to their lines of available products!

At this time, you may order directly from me!

But first!!!!~~Would you like to see “MY” very own personal pics that show my results after just under 18months of use???


I take orders via, the email, telephone/text, or U.S.P.S.

Order Info: Case: {12- 16oz. Bottles}$200 USD (Add $10 For Shipping for each case ordered) "Mini-Order": {3-16oz. Bottles} $75 (Add $7 For Shipping for each set of "3")

Payment Info: You may use Pay Pal (Credit/Debit Card or e-check) *Product is shipped 24-48hrs after payment clears...usually within the first 24hrs.

Contact Info: (email me any questions you may have, o.k.)

Your Rep= Jamie Branch, Independent Distributor:

E-Mail = (Use this address also for ?'s)

Phone = (772) 552-4660 *You can also "TEXT" your questions

*$$Income Opportunity $$*

Daurham Corporation is seeking Additional "Independent Distributors" $$$$~~Ask about how you can make $$money$$ with Daurham Corporation locating "uninformed" salons, and introducing them to their product, educating their staff on how they can benefit from its use and sales!

Also, would you like to interview salon staff and create exciting articles on the responses regarding their experience with "Its A Miracle-Nature's Oil"?-- Join me and have fun!

**I am NO LONGER selling "single units" unless you purchase a "Mini-Order",or buy it locally.

My Personal Story...

...For many years, I've had a problem with a scalp condition known as "Traction Alopecia". I would try to put relaxers in my hair to "stretch it out" and be able to style it. It only would grow out to about 3-4" then, it would begin breaking off--no matter what type of relaxer i used. I tried the 20-min.
deep conditioning, and tying my hair with silk scarfs, phBalanced shampoos etc. It still wouldn't grow any longer. Finally i decided to just cut it off, and wear a short style...(you know, where it's curly all over).

Got tired of the "wet look", because the "styles" were too limited. I then started looking for product that promised fast regrowth of hair. Products like "Don't be bald", "Do Grow", and "Dr. Miracle"..."Mane-n-Tail" which was a "Horse" shampoo that they put on the market to fool us! None of these product stood up the their words!!!! I even went to the "home remedies" and started putting raw eggs, and mayonnaise in my hair! So I got frustrated and went online and "Goggled" products that make black womens' hair grow, as a "keyword search". That only yielded a lot of forums, and many super-expensive product "lines".--Meaning there was a ton of different bottles of stuff to put in my hair.--"No thanks!!!"

Some time goes by and a friend from Chicago, IL. calls me up to invite me to join a group of investors with him. I had asked for more info. then was invited to go up for an "Information Seminar" hosted by Ernest Daurham, CEO of Daurham Corporation, which turned out to be the actual "Manufacturer" of the product I am now distributing!!!

I was so intrigued at the seminar about the vast wealth of information I'd quickly learned about black hair, that I took it upon myself to stick around after the seminar and introduced myself to Mr.Daurham. I explained how I was interested in the product, not only for personal use, but I wanted to introduce it to the city I lived in at the time.(Madison, WI) I learned that no one had approached him before in regards to this area. And then, it HIT me! Ask, him if there's any way that I could sell the product outside of participating in the groups.

Long story, short....
It's A Miracle-Nature's Oil grew my hair from .75"(3/4") to a whopping 7.5"(7 -1/2") in just under 18months!!!(and I cut it 4 times during the growth period) My hair stayed very soft, detangled, "so easy" to comb, and it was growing FAST! I was able to wear braids in my hair again "without" it falling out all the way down to the root from the tension of the braids, as my hair had gotten much "thicker, and stronger" as well!--I was one SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!! So much to the point that...
...I am now the I.D. for the entire state of Wisconsin, and I also service salons in Rockford, Il. and the surrounding local area. I have also "Branched-Out" and began online sales as well. It's A Miracle-Nature's Oil is only sold by the CASE, however, I have taken it upon myself to create a smaller sized order which I have named the "Mini-Order", consisting of Three-16oz. Bottles of product, for people who may now be able to afford the case price, or just want to try the product out. I also took into consideration, that fact the we are in a "Recession", so spending is limited.
Another thing i do for my customers is assist with the shipping and handling charges, as my way of showing "My" appreciation for you all doing business with me!

I have always been a "Stand-Up" kind of lady, fairly outspoken, and fun!
I have a tendency to like the "Pay It Forward" concept. That means that when I find "anything" that (I feel) could benefit someone else, I feel it' s my duty to inform them.--One of many ways that I give back to the community! People, we have to help one another out in this world...understanding the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child..." I believe that we all still have an inner child, and it wouldn't hurt you to enlighten someone else with what could quite possibly become "life changing information".